to my website! I am a Utah based photographer specializing in artful portraiture that's modern and soulful. My job is to discover the essence of people and help bring that to light through images. Each session is seen as a collaboration with magical potential. When I'm not photographing people in beautiful places, you can find me building a home with my family in Park City, Utah and exploring the natural beauty this region has to offer.

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- Suki S.

"I’ve worked with many photographers and Suzy’s work stands out for its depth and meaning. There is a poetry to her work, it invites you into the story unfolding in each image. Like a scene in a movie, something has happened and something is about to happen. Her work is thrilling. I think this has something to do with the quiet but incisive desire she has to understand her subjects deeply. I can’t wait to have Suzy’s photography hanging on my wall. It is art." 


- Storm D.

“A lot of famous photographers have the ability to play with light to create a story. Other photographers garnered fame by having the ability to find the light within their subject to tell their story. Suzy merges both of these together into an explosive visual collision of meaning, love, and emotion.”


- Brittany D.

"Suzy is an amazingly talented photographer, she made me feel comfortable while allowing her vision to truly unfold in a way that exceeded my expectations. Through her true artistic spirit, she creates beautiful shots that are of great quality. I will truly treasure the images and the memories from my experience with Suzy." 


- Sam E.

“As a creative, lover of the arts, and a very shy subject, Suzy’s energy, eye, and professionalism is deeply appreciated. Working with Suzy was such an incredible experience. Suzy helped me break through a major creative block with her expertise and direction. Her photo style cannot be replicated. She’s highly skilled at her craft. The results from our shoot together were stunning; I could not be happier. I can’t wait to work together again! Suzy is a true magic maker! I’m deeply grateful to have found her.“ 


- Natalie K.

"Suzy sees with the sight of an artist. She crafts each image from a place of such deep creativity, mystery, and depth that what she captures isn't simply one's bodily form, but one's essence. She is a master of storytelling through imagery because she can hone in on the humanity of her subject's own story. She brings forth the SOUL in all of her work."


- Sherri  C .

"We absolutely loved working with Suzy on my daughter's sweet sixteen photos! Suzy is very patient and has an excellent eye for lighting and imagery that no one else shares. My daughter is very picky so she is not that easily sold on any ideas that are not fully flushed out. Suzy made her feel at ease and really captured some of the most breathtaking shots. The real test is that my daughter loved so many of them as a teen girl...that can attest to the professionalism that Suzy brings to the shoot! Thank you so much for capturing this special time for us!"


- Sean  L .

"Suzy Raskin is an incredible artist and an old soul. From the moment that Jeremy and I met with Suzy, we felt comfortable and relaxed. We reached out to Suzy because we wanted to photograph our son and our family as he turned 1. We admired her portfolio and loved the way that she captures intimate family moments. She has a brilliant eye, and she is able to capture the essence of the people that she is photographing. I typically do not like photographs of myself, commonly saying, "I don't photograph well." When Suzy sent us the final prints of our family photoshoot, tears came to our eyes. She tells stories with her photos, and she makes her subjects feel beautiful. I hope we are lucky enough to have another photoshoot with Suzy as Garrett gets older. She has given our family a gift that we will enjoy for many years to come."


- Omayra  E .

“Working with Suzy means that you will collaborate and receive images that are breathtaking. I was very shy about getting photographed while pregnant but Suzy made me feel comfortable and worked with me to get some images that I had envisioned. She was patient and transparent in the whole process and it made me feel like she was attentive to every little detail that we had talked about before the session. I feel lucky to have been photographed by such a great artist!”


- Kary  C .

"The thing that draws me to Suzy's work is its stunning dark edges. Whether energetically or literally, there is always this gorgeous, even profound, dark edge in her work. And it's that unique Suzy edge that manages to conjure up the layered richness of character and unique beauty of her subjects. I am certain that as her sweet, devoted fingers frame each shot, they are driven by a very deep, dark beautiful, old soul."


- Lisa  O .

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Suzy for years. She is able to consistently capture me and my son in a pure authentic manner. I treasure the memories Suzy has photographed. I am so fortunate to have beautiful pictures from my pregnancy, my son's first weeks of life, and our adventures together as he grows. These moments, captured by Suzy's lens and edited with her discerning eye, are among my greatest possessions. If you have the opportunity to work with her, get ready to create magic."


- Leah  H .

"Suzy has added beautiful, creative energy into my life through photography. She has photographed my baby shower, pregnancy, and my family. She has always brought genuine thoughtfulness to her photography and was very helpful when coming up with ideas for location, theme, and wardrobe. She is a great listener and made sure the photos reflected who I am, which was very important to me. I cannot recommend Suzy more for your family photography" 


- Kim  H .

“Suzy has such an ease about her, making our family feel so comfortable during our shoot. And the way she uses light is incredible! Can’t wait to do it again.”


-Kendra N.

"I loved every minute working with Suzy. My husband doesn't love being in front of the camera and I have two unpredictable toddlers; Suzy was able to give my husband direction that didn't feel forced and engage with my children in a way that made them feel comfortable. We are blown away by her photos. The work she produces is incredible - her photography is beautiful, surprising, natural and captures really truthful moments. She has an eye that finds beauty in moments others might not notice. She snaps photos in the in-between times when no one is paying attention and captures images that are real works of art. Her eye for environments and how people fit within that environment is inspiring!

I will forever cherish these photos. They really are the most precious way to capture this time in our lives and I cannot thank her enough for our artful and unique the shots are. They look nothing like your average staged family photos - and our amazing toddler's personality shines through. 

Suzy will make you feel comfortable being yourself in front of her lens, and you will end up with priceless pictures at the end. So grateful to have found her!" 


-Casey R.

"From the moment I met Suzy, to the time we ended our session, I could tell that she genuinely cared about me and did her best to give me what I had envisioned. Suzy went above and beyond. I only had one outfit with me as we were visiting from out of town, so she provided me with another outfit as well as props for the shoot. Her creativity and vision made our photos come to life as no other photographer has done before. I have had my photos taken by many photographers, and Suzy by far has been the best one I’ve ever had. She over-delivers in the experience, she’s genuine, and she is the exact person you want documenting your special moments."




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