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The Nelsons by Suzy Raskin Photography

Catagory: Family

I had been looking forward to connecting with the Nelsons since the day we planned their session. What I already loved about them was their desire for their session– to just capture their first and only 15-month-old boy. There was no special occasion other than wanting to freeze this moment in time to look back on for years to come.

The day we met It was chilly, breezy and the ocean was alive. Their adorable little guy was a curious one who wanted nothing more than to run into the ocean to play. It wasn’t easy keeping him away from the freezing cold water!  We stayed at the beach as long as we could, capturing some stunning moments before the weather and waves led us to reschedule the rest of the session. 

The weather was warm and sunny the day we reconnected at our rescheduled date. We met at the Nelson’s mid-century modern Eichler-designed home and walked to a nearby green space. Their little one was shy at first but he warmed up as he showed me his dog and his toys, including one toy that was a vintage camera! He had so much fun playing with a hose and watering can and I was sure to capture many photographs of him enjoying the moments of curious exploration that come with being 15-months. One of my most memorable moments of the shoot was when we all played a game together. Mom & dad would pretend to be asleep and their son had to wake them up! Then the roles reversed as he pretended to be asleep while his parents woke him. He thought it was so fun and his parents had a good laugh when his ‘wake up’ tapping turned a bit harder than expected.

To the Nelson’s, thank you for allowing me to photograph your family. Capturing these precious moments that with your son. It was an honor




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