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A creative portrait session with me is laidback and engaging. I love working with individuals who have a unique concept they want to bring to life for their upcoming personal project, branding session or to expand their portfolio. These 1:1 sessions is where my imagination can run free and wild to cultivate your desired portraits that stand out, draw people in, and captivate them. I will work with you to hear your vision, then add in my own magic to elevate your results to where vision meets reality.
An intimate connection session is warm and inviting. Ideally we will connect one afternoon and I will shoot into the evening as I document you and yours as you embrace the fullness of life around you. The intimate connections I capture will be authentic, storytelling images that document what it feels like and looks like to be you, in this moment, with the ones you love. Fully expressive, holding nothing back as you interact and showcase how your relationship unfolds. Intimate connections between small families, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and other close relationships flourish in front of my lens and my documentary style of shooting you simply as you are shines through.

In both of these settings, both portraiture and intimate connections, I bring to life a sense of ease and familiarity so the images created are ones that truly feel like the you that you want the world to see. I create the images you’ll treasure and hang on your walls, tuck away as keepsakes, and showcase to the world as a statement of who you are. 

When we work together, my goal aligns with yours, to work with you to curate the images you’ve been longing to create.

A session with me is relaxed, creative and inspiring. We will feed off of each others energy and vision to create images that speak to the depths of your soul. When we work together, my goal aligns with yours, to work with you to curate the images you’ve been longing to create.


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- meg adelman

Suzy was wonderful to work with! Not only did she deliver what my family was looking for with our portraits, but she also offered her unique artistic flair to the work which we loved! I would not hesitate to hire her again and recommend her a wide range of photographic services, including commissioning a curated art piece for the home

"I would not hesitate to hire suzy again."

- stephanie

I can’t say enough good things about Suzy and her incredible talent. Her warm and calming presence allowed my husband and me to feel totally comfortable and our son loved looking at her camera and viewing the photos as we took them. The end result of Suzy’s beautiful work was a collection of family photos we will cherish forever. When we received the photos and posted them to social media, our friends and family were blown away. Everyone asked for a referral because they had never seen family photos as beautiful and modern as ours!.

"our friends and family were blown away!"

- Kim

“Suzy has such an ease about her, making our family feel so comfortable during our shoot. And the way she uses light is incredible! Can’t wait to do it again.”


- Ali

"Suzy was wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond to get us the shots we were looking for - even adding a second day after we had to cut our day short due to weather. I have an active toddler and a photoshoot-adverse husband, and Suzy made everyone feel really comfortable, which is so important for achieving the natural shots we were looking for."




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This goes without saying but I firmly believe that everyone is created equal. I am pro diversity and pro equality. I welcome everyone no matter your race, religion or if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community.  Everyone deserves to be photographed just as they are. 

My packages start at s900.00. Get in touch with me for more information. 


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